ROE CB8 Celebrates the 30th Anniversary with U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

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To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of its 1987 release, U2 held the world tour 2017 this year. We are honored to have been a part of the anniversary touring.


The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 opens in Vancouver on 12th May, kicking off a run of stadium dates across North America and Europe. ROE Visual CB8 LED panels were integrated with SPACEFRAME by PRG with new technology solutions, and provided for the stages of the different legs of the show.


The stage is 200ft wide and 40ft deep overall which is nearly the full width of a stadium. At the back of the stage is the largest custom built screen from ROE CB8, painted to look like a golden piece of cardboard with a silver Joshua Tree logo painted on top of it. The screen is with the highest resolution (nearly 8k) with superb performance.



CB8 is one of the latest LED screens from ROE Visual, making its debut in 2016. As ROE’s new outdoor flagship, it quickly became popular in the market due to its ultra-lightweight & slim design due to the carbon fiber construction. CB8 is an 8.33mm panel with nice color, and the ability to perform well in low brightness applications without gray scale reduction. With a full IP65 rating, CB8 is ideal for meeting the needs of a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications with the special features below:


1. Concave and convex curving capabilities provide a larger field of view and a more immersive experience. 

2. The ability to create 90°corners with a seamless edge contributes to vivid video content.

3. Half-panel options allow customized corners and edges.

4. The ceiling backdrop configuration gives a new sky to feast your eyes on.

5. Dummy tiles help shape your video wall.

6. Can be set up in hanging and stacking configurations.  



With features like intelligent modules, magnet assisted align inserts, and fast locking, CB8 saves on transportation time and enjoys a 30% lower setup time than other products. It is the indispensable when you want to deliver rich and dynamic displays. Except U2 touring, some projects that have also utilized CB include the Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes Truck Hanover, Ed Sheeran Tour, CityLife Church Event, and more.