ROE Visual LEDs Included in Line-up at Creamfields Festival

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Creamfields is one the largest electronic music festivals in the world and one in which ROE Visual has been involved in providing LED solutions since the beginning.  This year, according to Billboard Magazine, Live Nation has joined the Creamfields bandwagon on the heels of sold-out shows in Hong Kong and Taipei in December 2017.


The Asian leg of the Creamfields tour currently will travel across the region, including  Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Xiamen.


Originating in Europe, the first Creamfields event was held in 1998. In recent years,  PRG XL Video has continued to serve as the go-to LED solutions supplier to Creamfields. Concurrently, ROE Visual also developed its own long-term relationship with event organizers. The result  is a solid, techno-creative alliance that continues to contribute to the popularity of this popular global happening.


In 2014, PRG XL Video supplied 2200 square meters of LED screens to Creamfields. The ROE Visual Magic Cube series played an important role in this iteration of the festival. It marked the debut of ROE products at this popular event. Event-goers raved about the creative effects achieved that contributed to an on-going relationship that endures to today.


In 2015, PRG XL Video supplied an even larger amount of ROE Visual screens than in the previous year. On four main Creamfields stages, the ROE Magic Cube family of products shared the stage with some of the biggest names in electronic music.



Two main stages were added to the event with brand new designs for in 2016. Creamfields honored ROE Visual to include its LED solutions yet again in that event.


In total, more than 7 million LED video pixels were seen by Creamfields audiences during the 2016 festival. ROE Visual contributed again with its Magic Cube family of products through PRG XL Video, supplying LarMac Live with ROE Visual Magic Cube MC-7, MC-7HB, MC-12, MC-18, Hybrid 18 and LinX12 for use in configuring the giant LED screens used at 2016 Creamfields.




Again in 2017, PRG XL Video was chosen as a supplier of video, lighting and rigging technology across multiple Creamfields stages when ROE Visual yet again provided LED screens.


In 2017, ROE Visual was commissioned to add curved wings to the Creamfields stage, consisting of vertical columns of 12mm ROE LED. In the horizon, 18mm ROE LED panels were built into the structure with specific horizontal rows purposefully removed from the wings. On stage, a large upstage back wall was made up of ROE Visual 7mm LED, as was the DJ riser. Above the Creamfields stage, a ROE Visual LED header created from ROE MC-18 Hybrid, enabled visual content match with the rest of the screens.


To date Creamfields has been staged in 22 countries since 1998 when it was founded, and it has scooped up many awards along the way, including the top awards in December 2016 for Best Major Festival, the first time any electronic music festival has won the award.


As Creamfields enjoys its 21st year dazzling crowds, ROE Visual is excited to continue providing the LED backbone to this exceptional event.