Air Frame is a lightweight touring system that is compatible with certain members of the ROE Carbon family, namely the CB5 and CB8 panels. It provides a convenient all-in-one solution for hanging, stacking and transportation.
ROE's innovative carbon fiber Air Frame technology cuts pre-tour engineering time and shipping costs by minimizing use of trailer space that reduces truckload weight or air freight costs, when compared to conventional touring frames.

Air Frame   Dolly  
Dimension of full frame 600mm x 1200mm x 120mm Dimension of Dolly 1150x1277x1537mm (with stackers)
Dimension of half frame 600mm x 600mm x 120mm Dolly weight with CB5 532kg
Material Carbon fiber and Aluminun Dolly weight with CB8 513kg
Maximum hanging height 24m Dolly capacity 16pcs full CB panels/ 32pcs half panel
Maximum stacking height 7.2m    
Weight with wind bracing and CB8/td> 35.9kg/sqm    
Weight without wind bracing and CB8 28.7kg/sqm    
Weight with wind bracing and CB5 37.6kg/sqm    
Weight without wind bracing and CB5 30.41kg/sqm    
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