Black Pearl is a high-performance, broadcast-grade, HD-LED display for indoor applications. It has won many prestigious design awards, including the IDEA Gold Award and the Red Dot Award. Innovative user-friendly design supports fast and easy set-up for both hanging and stacking options. Highly durable lightweight magnesium-based panels house LEDs with high-def pixel pitch and outstanding color processing, making Black Pearl perfectly suited for the professional AV market. 

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Black Pearl BP2 BP3 BP5
Pixel Pitch 2.84mm 3.91mm 5.21mm
Pixel Density 123,904 LED's/m² 65,536 LED's/m² 36,864 LED's/m²
Max. Brightness 1,500 nits(MultiColor 1515)  1,500 nits(NationStar 2020) 1,500 nits(NationStar 2020)
Panel Dimension(WxHxD) 500mm x 500mm x 90mm
(19,7" x 19,7" x 3,5")
500mm x 500mm x 90mm
(19,7" x 19,7" x 3,5")
500mm x 500mm x 90mm
(19,7" x 19,7" x 3,5")
Panel Weight 9.35 kg 8.7 kg 8.7 kg


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