Expand your creative possibilities with Hybrid’s integrated spotlights that team up with lighting and video options in each LED panel.

Hybrid Hybrid 15 LED Display Hybrid 15 Spotlight Hybrid 15S LED Display Hybrid 15S Spotlight Hybrid 18 LED Display Hybrid 18 Spotlight
Pixel Pitch 15mm 150mm 15mm 150mm 18.75mm 150mm
Pixel Density 4,446 px/sqm 44 px/sqm 4,446 px/sqm 44 px/sqm 2,844 px/sqm 44 px/sqm
Max. Brightness 2,800nits  16X130lm 2,800nits  4X130lm 3,200nits 16X77lm
Viewing Angle 140°/120° 20°/8° 140°/120° 20°/8° 140°/120° 20°/8°
Tile Dimension(WxHxD) 600mmX600mmX97.5mm   150mmX600mmX125mm   600mmX600mmX95mm  
Tile Weight 16.7 kg; 36.82 lbs   3.9 kg; 8.6 lbs   13.7 kg; 30.2 lbs  
IP Rating Outdoor   Outdoor   Outdoor  
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