Linx LED Curtains create a lightweight and virtually transparent indoor LED display that offer wide viewing angles, excellent image integrity and color uniformity, contained in a lightweight and firm structure. Both owning exceptional flexibility and high density, units may be multi-angle folded to satisfy long distance viewing.

Linx Linx 9M Linx 12M Linx 18M Linx 25M
Pixel Pitch 9.375mm 12.5mm 18.75mm 25mm
Pixel Density 11,377 px/sqm 6,400 px/sqm 2,844 px/sqm 1,600 px/sqm
Max. Brightness 3,500 nits
4,000 nits (HB)
3,500 nits
4,400 nits (HB)
3,500 nits
4,400 nits (HB)
2,500 nits
3,000 nits (HB)
Viewing Angle 140°/120° 140°/120° 140°/120° 140°/120°
Tile Dimension(WxHxD) 300mmX1200mmX52mm 300mmX1200mmX52mm 300mmX1200mmX52mm 300mmX1200mmX52mm
Tile Weight 4.8 kg; 10.58 lbs 4.7 kg; 10.36 lbs 3.6 kg; 7.94 lbs 2.4 kg; 5.29 lbs
IP Rating Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor
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