The ROE Strip is an indoor/outdoor linear LED element for creative stage design. The multiple cover options, ease of installation, and variable lengths make it and ideal accent, meeting a creative designer’s needs where standard LED screens would fail.

ROE Strip Standard Shader Flat Black Diffusor Round Black Diffusor
Pixel Pitch/Horizontal 18.75mm 18.75mm 18.75mm
Pixel Pitch/Vertical 9.375mm 9.375mm 9.375mm
Pixel Density 5690/sqm 5690/sqm 5690/sqm
Max. Brightness(CD/m²) 7000 nits(Multicolor 2727) 2100 nits(Multicolor 2727) 800 nits(Multicolor 2727)
Panel Dimension
300×30×39 mm 300×30×41 mm 300×30×61 mm
Panel Dimension
600×30×39 mm 600×30×41 mm 600×30×61 mm
Panel Dimension
900×30×39 mm 900×30×41 mm 900×30×61 mm
Weight/Tile 0.99 kg; 2.18 lbs  1.12 kg; 2.47 lbs 1.19 kg; 2.62 lbs
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